• Entertainment Litigation

    We help clients resolve litigation and problems arising in the entertainment industry. For example, we can provide representation in front of the copyright small claims court or the Copyright Claims Board.

  • Copyright & Trademark

    Copyright law works to protect original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium. Copyright covers works that are both published and unpublished works. Trademark law protects brands or a business’ commercial identity by discouraging other businesses from using the same name or logo that is the same as or confusingly like an existing trademark.

  • Music

    Many times, music law may be intertwined with facets of other areas of entertainment law. Typically, this will involve contracts in the industry including but not limited to, contracts with record labels, music publishers, side artists, studio musicians, recording studio contracts, live events, film composition, and music supervision.

  • Television

    Television production law covers the scripted and unscripted roduction of television programming. Development deals, profit participation agreements, production agreements, above-the-line agreements, below-the-line deal memos and employment agreements, licensing agreements, option agreements, and more are included in this area of entertainment law.

  • Film

    Film covers the same areas of law and contracts as television production law but with contracts geared towards the special nuances of film. Sales agent agreements, distribution agreements, copyright transfer agreements, LLC operating agreements, NDAs, options, talent agreements and more are utilized in film law.

  • Publishing

    Publishing law includes the distribution and public dissemination of a visual or literary work. In addition to journalists and writers, publishing also covers artists such as photographers, filmmakers, and videographers to name a few. Distribution agreements, freedom of speech matters, subscription agreements, defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright, and trademark are some of the contracts and issues that face artists.

  • Celebrities

    Once an artist has achieved celebrity status, they can generate additional streams of revenue. For this reason, their name and likeness need to be protected for commercial reasons in addition to personal ones. Celebrities can face legal issues involving of invasion of privacy, use of name and likeness, advertising law, and contract law.

  • Visual Arts

    Visual arts that meet certain requirements are guaranteed moral rights and protection from destruction with their work under federal law. Paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, murals, and still photographic images produced for exhibition could be protected vunder the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990. Landlord/tenant law, consent and waiver law, contract law, and museum law, are a few of the legal areas that can affect the outcome for protecting the integrity of a visual artist’s work.

  • Live Events & Concerts

    Performing artists utilize the live event space to generate income for their work. Because of the various facets of a live event, whether it is a one-time show or a large international tour, areas of law that can impact a live event are insurance law, contract law, trademark, and technology law. Sponsorship agreements, tour agreements, technical riders, talent contracts, OSHA compliance, merchandising contracts, union and employment issues, and clearance agreements are an example of some of the issues addressed when providing legal support for a live event.

  • Video Games

    Video games involve multiple, creative elements to include, music, art, digital currency, code, and more. With the steady growth and popularity of video games, this area of law is ever evolving to meet the demands of the video game publishers and their consumers. Copyright, trademark, privacy, use of name and likeness, licensing, advertising, virtual currency law, merchandising are some of the areas of law common to the video game space.

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