“Richard Wayne and his firm represented us on two separate occasions, one of which lasted several years. Richard and his associates were extremely professional and responsive to our needs and kept us informed at every juncture. Their legal abilities and judgment were excellent and Richard’s strategic thinking assisted strongly in reaching a very good result on both occasions.”

– Business Client

“The Wayne firm represented myself and my medical practice in a case where the opposing party was very difficult to deal with and we ended up in litigation. After a long and very bitter battle, we were able to settle the case in a very satisfactory manner. The attorneys at Richard C. Wayne & Associates worked very hard in representing our interests and we are most appreciative.”

– Physician

“Our firm, a commercial developer and construction company, retained Richard C. Wayne & Associates to handle litigation over a development in Cobb County, Georgia. The attorneys and support personnel at the Wayne firm were most professional, detail oriented and very strategic in the process of litigating our case. We were very pleased with the outcome of our case and would recommend Richard C. Wayne & Associates to anyone facing litigation”

– Business and Litigation Client

“We were facing a Default Judgment and the attorneys at Richard C. Wayne & Associates contested the Judgment and, through tough negotiations, were able to bring the case to a very favorable conclusion. We would recommend the Wayne law firm to anyone with a legal problem”

– Real Estate Client

“For many years, whenever the need arose, I have obtained legal services from Grace Tillman, an attorney in the offices of Richard C. Wayne & Associates, P.C. Mrs. Tillman is an excellent lawyer and I would recommend her, and the firm, to anyone who needed a top quality lawyer in Georgia.”

– Commercial Client

“I spent months battling my Mortgage company to follow through on promises they made to me in relation to a loan modification to remove my ex-husband’s name from the loan. After my complaints to governmental regulators garnered no results, I retained Richard C. Wayne & Associates, P.C. My goal was not to engage in expensive drawn out litigation, but rather have the lender honor their obligations. Richard C. Wayne & Associates got me the result that I wanted. The attorneys in this firm are wonderful and I cannot recommend them strongly enough.”

– Cheryl Iski, Homeowner

“I hired Richard C. Wayne & Associates to help with a real estate issue. I thought my case was virtually hopeless, but Grace Tillman and Richard Wayne told me they would try everything they could to help me. Through their dedication, strategic thinking and hard work, I was able to prevail. I cannot speak highly enough about the firm and its lawyers.”

– Real Estate Client

“I Hired Richard C. Wayne & Associates to help resolve the confusion surrounding my home mortgage as I was facing foreclosure. The attorneys at Richard C. Wayne & Associates analyzed a large number of documents related to my loan and unraveled the mystery. Additionally, Attorney Tillman was able to successfully negotiate with my lender to delay the foreclosure. As a result, I had the time necessary to refinance my loan with another lender and save our family home. If not for Richard C. Wayne & Associates, our home would have been lost. I would recommend Richard C. Wayne & Associates to anyone who needed a lawyer. The firm is professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable.”

– Grateful Homeowner

“I retained Richard C. Wayne & Associates, P.C. to represent me in relation to a contract to purchase real estate. Through a strong presentation of facts and negotiation with the attorney representing the developer, Richard C. Wayne and Associates was successful in achieving a positive outcome. If anyone needs a contract or real estate attorney in Georgia, without hesitation I would recommend this firm.”

– Real Estate Client